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David and Sandra May 2008 Our serious study of astrology began in 1982. We joined the San Diego Astrological Society, read books, attended lectures and workshops; interpreted charts for all our friends, family, and coworkers; finally opening our professional practice in 1986. Lunar astrology became our specialty soon after moving to New York in 1990. In 1998 we left the security of our "day jobs" to focus our attention on living a more creative lifestyle, encouraging others to enjoy the value of natural timing and symbolic art. When we began writing forecasts for the Internet in 2000, we followed our stars to the sunny Hawaiian island of Oahu, which we feel blessed to call home. In addition to our consulting services and web work, we teach, facilitate retreats and are completing a book on lunar cycles called Moon Magic: The Ancient Art of Time Management.

Professional affiliations include:

In concert with our astrological studies, the study of music, color psychology, dream interpretation, NLP, numerology and sacred geometry formed our understanding of both the real and symbolic properties of sound, color and form. A peripheral study of the tarot with the Brotherhood Of The Adytum added a wealth of astrological correspondences. As did Gerd Ziegler's Tarot:Mirror of the Soul , The Wheel of Destiny by Patricia McLaine and The Angels Within Us by John Randolph Price.

Aside from The Coffee Table Book of Astrology which we'd both read in the 70's, our first exposure to real astrology was made via a dear Capricorn friend, Bill Andrews, who gave us A.T. Mann's beautiful and thorough book, The Round Art and introduced us to Jan Kennedy, a noted astrologer, author and healer.

The works of Dane Rudhyar (one of the preeminent figures of the 20th century) on the lunation cycle, along with Marc Edmund Jones' on the Sabian Symbols, added more symbolic layers to explore. The Book of Houses by Robert Cole has also had a lasting impact.

It's been our good fortune to study with some of the best astrologers in the world. Terry Warneke offered us another way to apply the study of celestial cycles by sharing the ideas of Marc Robertson.

Our eternal gratitude goes to Robert 'Buz' Myers, teacher, mentor and friend, who dedicated himself to the masterful application of the eight-phase cycle. His skill as a communicator, his quarterly publication Cycles for Daily Living with companion audio tapes and his book Getting "On-Time" With Your Life brought us fully into our lunar specialty.

We owe special thanks to our sisters, Yaxki Welker and Adina Walker for sharing their shamanistic awareness and indigenous teachings; to the Island of Kaua'i for introducing us to the Aloha Spirit; to our many (and increasingly numerous) astrological teachers and colleagues who add enlightenment and insight with each contact; to all the members of the "On Time" community who have provided a loving environment for our growth; and finally, to our parents, siblings, daughters and grandchildren, all our ohana (family), and to the Divine Presence, who inspires our fifth-house Suns to shine.

David Mosley 7th grade

David Mosley circa 1969
February 14, 1957
9:50 PM PST
La Jolla, California

David says he'll write something for this space sometime soon. Meanwhile, we'll say this: He's a quiet guy, a bit of a techie who lives in his own world. He enjoys cooking, taking pictures, and endearing himself to the neighbor's pets. He balances the books, maintains the records and knows computers. A gifted songwriter and musician (he plays guitar and didge), David has a healing touch and an open heart.

Sandra Mosley 7th grade

Sandra Mosley circa 1957
September 1, 1945
9:45 pm PWT
Tujunga, California

I've always had a love affair with the round arts but it was my marriage to David in 1980, that marked the beginning of my indepth work with circles. Whether it's a designated circle, such as a family circle, women's circle, prayer circle, sewing circle, or a tangible circle in the form of an astrological chart, a medicine wheel or a mandala, the circle defines a sacred space. A space to feed the soul and inspire creativity. A space to be healed and nurtured. A space to honor Spirit. The circle is a powerful form for visionary art.


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Zodiac Arts Phase Wheel Mandala
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Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Journal

The Round Art by A.T. Mann
The Round Artof Astrology

by A.T. Mann

Getting "On Time" With Your Life by Robert Kent Myers
Getting "On Time" With Your Life

by Robert Kent Myers

The Artist's Way
The Artist's Way

by Julia Cameron

Life's Companion
Life's Companion:
Journal Writing
As a Spiritual Quest

by Christina Baldwin

Tarot:Mirror of the Soul

by Gerd Ziegler

The Angels Within Us by John Randolph Price
The Angels Within Us

by John Randolph Price

The Wheel of Destiny
by Patrician McLaine

22 Prayer Poems for Care Givers by Donna Ion Drozda
22 Prayer Poems for Care Givers

by Donna Ion Drozda

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