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Galactic Astrology
Alex Miller-Mignone

"Galactic Astrology utilizes varying types of astronomical phenomena in astrologic interpretation, including Black Holes, whose essence is change; Quasars, focused on accomplishment and visibility; Pulsars, which are informational in nature; and Masers, sometimes likened to cosmic ... " ...more

A Brief History of the Tarot
Sandra writes about the Tarot:

"The meaning of the tarot is contained in its name; 'tarot'is an ancient Egyptian word for 'royal road'. The royal road means the path to the top, to self-mastery. Often called a picture book of wisdom, the tarot is a symbolic guide to self-realization, a vehicle that helps us to evolve. An anagram of tarot is 'rota', meaning the wheel. The tarot is like a wheel, a tool providing mobility on the path of life." ...more

A Daily Practice
David writes about the astrological significance of the days of the week.

Flower Essences
Rachelle Hasnas, LMSW, astrologer, author and certified Bach Flower Remedy Counselor correlates the flower remedies with the annual seasonal and lunation cycles.

"In the early 1930s, noted British physician and research scientist, Dr. Edward Bach developed what has now become known as the Bach Flower Essences. Dr. Bach's discovery was one of the first in what is now known as Vibrational Medicine. Originally trained in the orthodox practice of medicine, Dr. Bach eventually turned to homeopathy when he became aware of the need to treat the whole person for a true and lasting cure to take place, and not just the symptoms of disease, as was the current practice of doctors." ..more

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The Eight Phase Lunar Cycle
by David & Sandra Mosley
A primer on Moon Phases

A Daily Practice:
The Astrological Significance
of the Days of the Week

by David Mosley
Each day is named after a planet

Listening to the World
by David Mosley
The Metaphysics of Sound

Affirm Your Potential
by Sandra Mosley
Basics for creating positive affirmations

A Brief History of Tarot
by Sandra Mosley
A picture book of wisdom

Venus - Morning Star, Evening Star
by Sandra Mosley
A look at the cycles
and symbolism of Venus

A listing of Archived Articles
by Boots Hart, CAP

Galactic Astrology
by Alex Miller-Mignone

Mind Mapping
by Verlin Miller
Mind Mapping as a planning tool

Spring Thyme
by Barbara Elizabeth Tanner Douglass
The body in spring

Summer Thyme Blooms
by Barbara Elizabeth Tanner Douglass
The body in summer

Thymeless Thoughts
by Barbara Elizabeth Tanner Douglass
The body in autumn

Thymely Thoughts
by Barbara Elizabeth Tanner Douglass
The body in winter

Flower Essences
and the Astrological Signs

by Rachelle Hasnas
A correlation of the Signs and Seasons
to the Bach Flower remedies

Twenty-two Prayer Poems
for Care Givers

by Donna Iona Drozda

The Essence of Bach Flowers: Traditional and Transpersonal Use and Practice

by Rachelle Hasnas

Pocket Guide to Bach Flower Essences

by Rachelle Hasnas

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