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New Moon in Virgo
September 12/13, 2015

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Here's the chart for the Virgo New Moon, which is also a Solar Eclipse.

Check our calendars for the exact time and date in your zone.


The sign of Virgo is associated with humility, analysis and service. The house that Virgo occupies in the natal chart shows an area of life where one can over-think, find fault, and lose sight of the forest for the trees. It also shows the area where one can be especially disciplined, meticulous, refined, and helpful. Virgo is an earth sign with a focus on the physical body and the daily routines necessary to sustain it. Ruled by Mercury, there is an emphasis on discernment, order, and craftsmanship. Issues involving the armed services, unions, laborers, inspectors, clerical workers, employees, domestic pets, small animals, grains, clothing, and public health and hygiene become accentuated during the Virgo cycle.

Sabian Symbol for 21 degrees Virgo "A Girl's Basketball Team."
Physical training and teamwork aimed at participating in a collective culture.

New Moon at 20 degrees Virgo 10 minutes:
Three planets in Virgo and two in Leo at the beginning of this lunation cycle accentuate the idea of using individual self-expression to benefit the collective. Virgo's ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde at 16º Libra on September 17 until the end of this cycle, calling for a review of communication within relationships. The entry of the Sun into Libra on September 22/23 marks the equinox and the turning of the seasons, which, compounded by the Lunar Eclipse on September 27, adds to the emotional tension that is a highlight of this cycle.

Mercury sextile Venus:
Opportunities for artistic and literary communications.

Mercury septile Mars:
Impassioned communications.

Mars quindecile Neptune:
An obsessive drive for immersion in nirvana, via spirituality, creativity, or addiction.

Jupiter opposite Neptune:
The wish to believe in something may override the facts. A balancing act between faith and truth. The need for discrimination with acts of compassion. There is the potential for distortion of spiritual values.

The key phrase for Virgo is "I Analyze":
The simple rituals of daily life provide the grounding necessary for balance. Good health, altruistic service and productive employment support success; practicality and prudence guarantee it. This is an excellent cycle to examine your daily routines, diet, habits, and hygiene for areas that are in need of improvement and to initiate necessary changes.

Our advice for this cycle:
Pay attention to signals from your body that it needs care. If you find yourself physically fatigued, emotionally overwrought, or mentally tense, take a few minutes to sit still, breathe, and center. Focus on your heartbeat.

Humility and introspection are key to moving forward during this exciting, yet confusing period. This cycle insists that you be aware of overly optimistic goals and deceitful tactics. Be discerning about how you invest your time. Look within for underlying motives that allow you to neglect partialities. Think twice before speaking your mind or making a commitment.

Find peace and develop self-awareness - write poetry! You'll be surprised at your ability to express yourself.

Virgo correlates to Love, the third and final step on the Southern pathway of Sun Bear's Medicine Wheel. The trust developed during the Leo cycle allows you to invest yourself in service with passionate devotion.

Questions you might explore for personal insight include:

  • What situations do you find most difficult to digest?
  • Is there an area of your life where you are prone to 'analysis paralysis'?
  • When and with whom are you most trusting?
  • Where and with whom would life be easier if you were less critical and more humble?
  • How do you express your love?
  • What are your daily rituals or habits?
  • When are you most disciplined?
  • How do you give service to others?
  • When do you feel most relaxed and worry-free?

Affirm: I am guided by my heart's purity of purpose.

Attune to the qualities of Virgo with a 3-minute tarot meditation on The Hermit .

image of the Hermit

The Hermit holds the light for us to stay upon the path in times of darkness. He is the figure of elder wisdom; an experienced guide, well-versed in natural and spiritual law. He teaches us to make use of solitude to question our beliefs, to become conscious of universal cause–and-effect and to discern wholeness.

Confer with the Hermit whenever you need guidance.

Quote for this cycle:
"Out of routine comes inspiration."
~ Mark Kostabi (1960 - ) American artist and composer

A Mandala is a powerful meditational device for creating sacred intentions. We encourage you to create and color your own mandala or color the Virgo Mandala for this cycle.

You are invited to send your mandalas to us for placement in our Mandala Gallery.

Please check out Lynn Keefer's Mandala Journal, where Lynn shares the mandala she colors every month, along with her meditative process. Click on the mandala below or the link above to see a larger version of the Leo New Moon Mandala she colored last month and read about her experience with the exercise. The energy flows in beautifully from one cycle into the next.

Read more on the nature of this lunation cycle, along with how it relates to your Sun sign, the September 12/13 Solar Eclipse, the September 27 Lunar Eclipse, and Mercury Rx from September 17 - October 9.

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In addition to what you can find at our website, there are some outstanding astrology resources on the web in the form of blogs. We encourage you to visit and/or subscribe to the ones listed below:

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Stephanie Gailing is another of our favorites. You can visit her blog or receive her weekly entries in your mailbox via an e-mail subscription. She usually shares her insights on the new and full moons. We also recommend her book, Planetary Apothecary. Here's her post on the Virgo Solar Eclipse.

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