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New Moon in Libra
September 23/24, 2014

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Here's the chart for the Libra New Moon:
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The sign of Libra is associated with balance, harmony and beauty.
The house that Libra occupies in the natal chart shows an area of life where one seeks approval and where one can be indecisive, gullible, and shallow. It also shows the area where one can be especially charming, diplomatic, kind, and considerate. Libra is an air sign with a focus on communication and aesthetics. Ruled by Venus, there is an emphasis on peacefulness, sociability, cooperation, and fellowship. Issues involving relationships, partners, contracts, romance, marriage, divorce, lovers, artists, beauticians, decorators, diplomats, judiciary, mediators, litigators, musicians, negotiators, pacifists, and politicians become accentuated during the Libra cycle.

Sun & Moon tri-septile Neptune:
A veil of mystery leads to inspiration. An idealistic vision of humanity and the idea of linking one's individuality to a wider cause. There is likely to be an increase in emotionality, sentimentality, and romanticism.

Jupiter trine Uranus:
Expanding creative solutions to environmental concerns. Freedom from restriction allows for groundbreaking changes on both social and personal levels.

The key phrase for Libra is "I Balance".

Our advice for this cycle: We recommend using this cycle to concentrate on creative ways of materializing your goals. Consider how you can present yourself to the world in ways that express your essence. Assert yourself dynamically and graciously. Embrace the unconventional. Open your mind to Divine guidance.

If you find yourself physically fatigued, emotionally overwrought, or mentally tense, take fifteen minutes to sit still, breathe, and center. Focus on your heart chakra.

Libra correlates to Experience on the Medicine Wheel. The Love developed during the Virgo cycle allows the active participation in life via interaction with others and observation of the shadow, both of which provide life experience and lead to knowledge.

Question your relationship with others, with money, with your work, with yourself. The answers to these questions will provide the awareness necessary to move forward.

Additional questions you might explore for personal insight include:

  •  How do you define beauty?
  •  What things do you find easiest and hardest to share?
  •  How do you regain your equilibrium when realizing you're out of balance?
  •  Where and with whom would life be easier if you were to make compromises?
  •  When do you feel most social?
  •  What do you consider your most charming aspect?
  • How well do you listen?
  • What is your relationship with your shadow?

Affirm: My relationships are loving and fulfilling.

Attune to the qualities of Libra and this cycle with a 3-minute tarot meditation on Justice.

Justice is the figure of poise and grace. Her scales and sword represent the ideals of integrity and equality. She has the power to put ideas into action. She teaches us to do away with extremes, balance opposites and find stability within.

Confer with Justice to become centered or whenever you wish to invoke clarity, balance or simplicity.

Quote for this cycle:
"So divinely is the world organized that every one of us, in our place and time, is in balance with everything else."
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, (1749 - 1832) German writer and statesman

A Mandala is a powerful meditational devise for creating sacred intentions. We encourage you to create and color your own mandala or color the Libra Mandala for this cycle.

You are invited to send your mandalas to us for placement in our Mandala Gallery.

Please check out Lynn Keefer's Mandala Journal, where Lynn shares the mandala she colors every month, along with her meditative process. Click on the mandala below or the link above to see a larger version of the Virgo New Moon Mandala she colored last month and read about her experience with the exercise. The energy flows in beautifully from one cycle into the next.

Find more on the nature of this lunation cycle and how it relates to your Sun sign in our What's Up Guide, where there is also information about the Lunar Eclipse on October 8, the Solar Eclipse on October 23, and Mercury Retrograde on October 4.

Visit our free on-line Moon Phase Calendar, where you'll find moon phase and sign information in your choice of 8 time zones. If you use and like our calendar, please click on the Facebook icon in the upper left corner of the time zone you use. Speaking of Facebook, we invite you to visit our page facebook.com/ZodiacArtsLunarPhases, which is updated at each of the 8 phases with information on how to work effectively with the current phase.

Donna Drozda's LifeCycle Forecast gives us an overview of the year 2014, which she calls the YEAR OF THE VISION QUEST: Emerge and See. Keep up with her updates on her blog and subscribe to her Luna See email newsletter. Donna Iona has made a vow to help the self and all of us become the true "heartist at life" that we are free to be. Please check out her 6-month "Free to Be Effective" teleseminar series. Free2B is the exploration of your creatively expansive Feminine side... whose treasures we find on the Fall & Winter side of the Natural Calendar.

In addition to what you can find at our web site, there are some outstanding astrology resources on the web in the form of blogs. We encourage you to visit and/or subscribe to the ones listed below:

Michele Lessirard at Marketing For Healers is offering a free Libra New Moon, New ME! Audio along with journaling prompts.

Margaret Koolman's New Moon insights can be found at her web site, SoulAstrology.com. Margaret writes beautifully and offers excellent counsel.

April Elliott Kent at Big Sky Astrology is excellent at putting the current cosmic conditions into relatable, practical terms. We recommend her latest, New Moon in Libra: The Laws of Motion.

Stephanie Gailing is another of our favorites. You can visit her blog or receive her weekly entries in your mailbox via an e-mail subscription. She usually shares her insights on the new and full moons. We also recommend her book, Planetary Apothecary. Here's her post on The Libra New Moon.

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