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Election Asteroids

Often asteroids and minor planets are overlooked when casting charts or making predictions. The fact that there are more than 50,000 named asteroids, centaurs, damocloids and Trans-Neptunian Objects may have something to do with this - it’s obviously impossible, and not even desirable, to incorporate all of these points. So how to determine in advance which might be significant at any given time, or in any given life?

In some instances, it’s comparatively easy. The Centaur Ephemeris website at www.serennu.com lists a goodly number of asteroids, and a comprehensive search there yields some interesting contenders for inclusion on Election Day to better determine what we’re dealing with at that time. Not enough research has been done to ascertain whether these placements are predictive, or merely descriptive, but they make a fascinating study nonetheless.

It would be marvelously simple if there were asteroids named for each of the candidates. Alas! Astronomers are not that prescient. But we can find suitable substitutes for many of the major players on Election Day.

John McCain, for example, can be seen to be potentially represented by no fewer than four asteroids - Johnny, Johannes (a German form of “John”), Johanna (the feminine equivalent, often a necessary substitute for a masculine name in a female-dominated nomenclature), and McCann, a quite close match for the surname McCain. Barack Obama is harder; nothing comes close, but there is an asteroid “Barry,” which is what the youthful Obama was called by family and friends. For Joe Biden we have two feminine versions, Josefa and Josephina, and for Sarah Palin there is Sara. There’s even an asteroid Hillary, which may help to determine the role the unsuccessful contender may play in the election.

Additional obvious choices in the hunt for suitable names in a national election are America, Washingtonia, even Potomac, and there are several state names that can stand in for particular candidates - Arizona for McCain, Hawaii (his birth state) and Chicago (his long-time residence) for Obama, and Alaska for Palin.

Ordinarily, when choosing potential asteroid players, we can also cast the chart, and look to see what falls within significant zones, with an eye to seeing if these names might lend themselves to interesting conclusions. In the case of a national election, which extends throughout the day, several time zones and thousands of locales, there is no way to cast an exact chart, so there won’t be any angles or an exact Moon placement to look to, but we can consider the position of the Nodes and the slower-moving planets, seeing if these have attracted any temporary satellites for the day.

Astonishingly, many of these asteroids do form significant aspects on Election Day. Asteroid America at 28 Libra is closely conjunct decision-maker and vote-counter Mercury at 29 Libra, an extremely apt image of the nation going to the polls. Washingtonia at 13 Leo is squared the Sun at 12 Scorpio and conjoins both Obama’s natal Sun at 12 Leo and McCain’s natal Mars at that same degree. At 26 Pisces asteroid Potomac is squared to Pluto at 29 Sagittarius, inconjunct Mercury and America at 29/28 Libra, and forms sextiles to both McCain’s natal Moon at 27 Capricorn and Obama’s natal Saturn at 25 Capricorn.

The significance of personal and state name asteroids is also startling. On the Republican side, Johanna is exactly conjoined politics-ruling Jupiter at 17 Capricorn, with Johnny close by at 12 Capricorn, exactly sextile the Sun for the day at 12 Scorpio. Johannes at 17 Virgo conjoins Saturn, representing the presidency itself, at 18 Virgo, and is exactly trine Jupiter. McCann at 29 Aquarius is conjunct the USA Moon, the electorate, at 26 Aquarius, exactly sextile power broker Pluto at 29 Sagittarius and exactly trine Mercury at 29 Libra, with asteroid America standing by. Asteroid Arizona at 26 Leo is sextile to Mercury/America and trine Pluto, as well as opposed McCann. Asteroid Alaska at 23 Sagittarius conjoins women-ruling Venus at 19 Sagittarius, while asteroid Sara, for GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin, lies at 10 Aquarius, squared the Sun of Election Day and conjunct the North Node, our future, at 13 Aquarius.

Also on that North Node are asteroids Nemesis (at 12 Aquarius), a possible warning of a karmic comeuppance ahead, and Damocles (at 15 Aquarius), implying that our future hangs by a thread. Asteroids Indiana and Ohio are there as well, at 14 and 12 Aquarius respectively, possible indicators of the importance of these swing states in deciding the election.

For the Democrats, asteroid Barry at 8 Scorpio conjoins the Sun at 12 Scorpio, is squared Obama’s natal Sun at 12 Leo, and exactly conjoins his natal Neptune at 8 Scorpio. Asteroid Chicago at 24 Aries opposes Mercury/America, trines Pluto, and is squared Obama’s natal Saturn at 25 Capricorn. Asteroid Hawaii at 4 Leo is broadly squared the Election Day Sun, but exactly sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) to Venus at 19 Sagittarius, staking out the Democratic claim on female voters. Further bolstering that position are asteroids Josefa at 12 Sagittarius and Josephina at 9 Sagittarius, both conjunct Venus and trine Obama’s natal Sun.

Two additional celestial bodies may have a tale to tell - asteroid Hispania at 11 Taurus tightly opposes the Sun, embodying the importance of Latino voters to the outcome. And asteroid Karma at 22 Virgo is an exact match for the USA Neptune, implying that the nation will shortly be dealing with the effects of its oil addiction, whoever wins the contest.

Asteroid Hillary has had a tortured year which closely mirrors candidate Hillary’s experience. Starting out 2008 traveling with asteroid Atropos, one of the Fates in Greek mythology, also known as “the Inevitable,” Hillary Clinton began the race with an air of inevitability that rapidly fell apart as the two celestial bodies separated in the sky. By the time of the infamous gaffe about her Bosnian sniper fire experience, asteroid Hillary was opposed to asteroid Memoria, itself on a Black Hole, perhaps evoking the alternate reality memory of an incident that never was. By the time of the Democratic National Convention, Hillary had teamed up with asteroids Kassandra and Chaos in early Gemini, squared to the early Virgo Sun of the DNC, amid rumors of a catastrophic division among her supporters and those of Obama, which threatened to prefigure the November race, in much the same way that mythological Kassandra predicted impending disaster for the over-confident Trojans. That potential rift failed to materialize fully, but now on Election Day asteroid Hillary finds herself isolated at 7 Gemini, largely unaspected to the day’s major planetary players, but still in the company of Chaos at 10 Gemini.

Whatever the outcome, the incidence of these significantly-named asteroids in equally significant aspects and patterns on Election Day shows a cosmos highly attuned to developments here on Planet Earth. Whether or not they foreshadow the winning ticket remains to be seen.

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Black Holes, in particular, can be difficult to work with. Highly mercurial, with a power base that makes Pluto seem infantile, Black Holes represent dramatic change, the sudden, swift, complete reversal of the status quo, when conditions alter in the twinkling of an eye to ones wholly unrecognizable from what went before, and returning to the way things were becomes impossible. In essence, you have changed universes; you can't go home again.

Black Holes act as liminal guardians, portals between realties. Making contact with one in our daily lives can often feel as if we have been uprooted from the everyday reality of the Light World and thrust into an alien environment, an Underworld which, although ominous and threatening, can also be the repository of vast riches and the wealth of the knowledge of the subconscious.

Black Holes are sources of energy drain, requiring more of our focus and attention than we would often like, but they are also the repositories of incredible reserves of energy; some folks seem to have the knack of tapping these energies, others merely contribute to them. Seen as a metaphor for alienation, disempowerment, waste and dissociation, Black Holes have emerged as a powerful image of our times.


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The Black Hole Book is an interpretive guide for astrologers on the effects of Deep Space anomalies in the nativity, focusing on the scientific theory, metaphysical precepts, and philosophical thought behind it, and including profiles of each of the Black Holes.

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