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An examination of the 2005 Pisces Virgo Lunar Nodes and their 18.5 year cycle
The Lunar Nodes (also known as the Nodes of the Moon) are about to complete an 18.6 year cycle of the Zodiac. This latest round of the zodiac ends early on June 22, 2005 (or late on June 21st, if you happen to be in western Alaska or Hawaii)…meaning that by the time you begin going about your business on the morning of the 22nd, a new 18.6 year long world cycle will have begun.

The Nodes are said to be ‘worldly’ because they represent the intersection of the Moon’s orbit around the Earth (a personal and/or daily cycle) with the path of Earth’s orbit around the Sun (societal and/or the entirety of life).

Cycling backwards through the zodiac, this Nodal function thus indicates where your personal life meets up with that of the world around you – at your company, through your society, and in the world as a whole, a fact which is evidenced first and foremost by the length of this cycle: eighteen years. Eighteen is famous in societal circles. Eighteen years of age is when society endows us with many rights and privileges. Eighteen is also when it expects us to tow the line with regards to certain duties and responsibilities associated with adulthood. Eighteen has long been a length of time associated with various legal factors. It’s also the number of years a remarkable number of people spend doing something before either giving up, getting recognized for their achievements, or – in the case of parenting children, for instance – when who sets the rules shifts from the ‘local (lunar) nexus’ (one’s parents) to the society.

Macrocosm reflects in microcosm, as well…many psychologists and relationship experts suggest that people know (and actively date) a prospective mate for eighteen months before even beginning to contemplate that most societal of human rites: marriage.

All these ‘eighteen’s echo the cycle of the Lunar Nodes, and how well we cope with these passages speaks volumes to how well we succeed in our overall life.

So this year’s events are entirely telling. And on June 22nd (or 21st, as noted above) the Lunar Nodes move over zero degree zero Aries, backing into 29 degrees Pisces, starting a new 18-year cycle.

Understanding societal cycles are important. Your personal relationship to, and interaction with society is often succinctly delineated by various 18-year cycles initiated as the lunar nodes come into conjunction with various planets or angles of your natal horoscope. And even if you’re not an astrologer (or have no knowledge of your personal chart), paying some minimal attention to the lunar nodes can pay off quite handsomely.

When the North Node enters the sign of your Sun (or some other sign associated with some planet or axis of your chart)…or the opposite sign, all the areas of life associated with that planet (or axis) are affected.

When the North Lunar Node conjuncts a planet or point, a new cycle begins. When the North Lunar Node opposes a planet or other chart point, those aspects of life get either get tested for validity or produce an advancement, a defeat or a “life lesson” – the result of which determines whether you continue at all, move on to the next ‘step’ or start all over again.

However, given that the lunar nodes travel in eternal opposition, the North Node conjuncting any given planet (or axis) does mean the South Node is opposing it, right? Right. And of course the vice versa of this is true, too.

Wherever the North Node is represents the ‘direction’ we’re meant to grow in.

Associated with ease and familiarity, the South Node is what you already know. It thus gives you something to grow from, but it’s not what you should simply maintain, hold onto or otherwise refuse to change. Many astrologers think of the South Node as embodying ‘past life’ qualities, that being their reason as to why we all seem so comfortable and attached to South Node attributes, habits and lifestyles. We know them. We ‘get’ them. We find them easy.

But we’re not in this life to do the easy thing. We’re put on this planet to grow. Our purpose is to use who and what we are to make a better life – and not just for ourselves, but for the world around us. Remember, the Nodes are essentially societal. This is the message that we’re not supposed to just live in our comfort zone, our little worlds, our heads or our back yards. We’re meant to develop who we are there, sure. But we’re also meant to take that out into some venue which is bigger than ourselves.

In other words, we aren’t supposed to ‘live’ in our South Node….natal or transiting. No, not even if we want to. And yes, we often want to.

So as the nodes move through any given pair of signs, times change. Your world…your life, your career efforts, your social efforts, your relationships are rewarded where (and to the degree that) they are in balance - and get challenged where they aren’t.

The same is true on a global basis. When the North Node moves through any given pair of signs, societies flourish where they’re functioning well and suffer problems and upheavals where they aren’t. Not that societies are any more likely to like doing North Node things than we as individuals are. Societies like the ‘known’ too – just look at the entrenched bureaucracies, old and outmoded ways of doing things, the struggle so many countries have with reconciling traditional values with modern life.

And don’t think this is anything new. It isn’t. Any in-depth study of social and societal history will reveal that humans have been resisting change (while demanding it) for as long as we had language with which to be doing so.

And it’s precisely this push-pull, clamor for change while resisting it which is so very nodal. When the North Node conjoins a planet or moves into a sign, we’re supposed to work on those aspects of our life. Meanwhile, the South Node’s position lures with whispers of ease, dislike of effort, fears of failure, urges to just ‘go with what we have’ – etcetera.

To a great degree, what is called for is the melding of the two signs – the integration of the entire spectrum involved in the zodiacal polarity (the signs of both North and South node). Balance is being called for – an enlightened balance. And the way the cosmos works, the part which always needs to be worked on (or emphasized) are issues which are ‘north nodal’ in nature. The things which need to be let go of or lessened in emphasis are the ‘south nodal’ ideas.

So when the North Node opposes a planet (and the South Node conjuncts it), we’re supposed to rid ourselves of the ‘impurities’ and ‘negative’ manifestations associated with the planet an sign. Not that we’re all that likely to want to. But if we give in to the South Node’s miring draw, we end up in a tar pit.

Sound unpleasant? It is. Furthermore, if you ask any astrologer who knows their nodal stuff (and who isn’t prone towards sugar-coating) they’ll tell you that if you continuously cling to South Node ‘stuff’ and refuse to ‘do’ your North Node growth, you’ll eventually manifest physical weaknesses or illnesses associated either with the sign of the South Node in your natal chart, or the native ruler of the house in which your natal South Node is posited.

Here’s an example for those of you who are familiar with your chart.

Example: Your horoscope has a South Node in Gemini in the 5th house. Illnesses commonly associated with Gemini have to do with the limbs and/or lungs (or breathing processes). The native ruler of the 5th house however, is Leo (Leo being the 5th sign of the zodiac). Leo health issues commonly include the heart, back, hair and problems having to do with light or sun.

Don’t neglect this point, as the universe can be a tough teacher. Life isn’t cruel, but it isn’t a bed of roses, either. You get what you earn, you don’t get what you don’t earn, and you not only don’t get rewarded for not obeying universal rules, you often suffer the universal consequences – which is not the same as being punished. In this sense, life is simple: with the choice of each act (or lack of action) you also choose the consequence. Well chosen actions reap rewards. Badly chosen actions reap disappointments and difficulties. And yes, if you’re life has been one long litany of problems, I would suggest taking a good hard look at your chart’s nodal structure – and the planets which rule your nodes, the signs on the houses in which they’re placed and the native rulers of those houses.

If in doubt, consult an astrologer. Yes, you’ll probably have to pay them, but it’ll be money well spent – providing you’re willing to make changes. If you aren’t willing to change, don’t bother.

Now for some good news. With the Nodes, the rule is that if you will ‘do’ your North Node stuff, once you become proficient in that aspect of your life, you’ll get all your South Node pleasures without even having to try.

So how long does each sign transit last? Well, let’s see…eighteen (years in a cycle) divided by twelve (signs of the zodiac)…means the lunar nodes will spend about two-and-a-half years in any one pair of signs.

For the last two-and-a-half years, the nodal handwriting on the wall has been about being an (Aries North Node) individual. It’s been about not taking our (South Node Libra) value from others. It’s been about learning how to not need someone in our life to ‘validate’ us or ‘complete’ our plan or to make anything ‘possible.’ This has been a time to learn about how to live with courage. How to be a truly independent individual. It was about being forthright, whole, responsible and creative about what you do and what you make of yourself.

North Node in Aries has asked us each to stand up and do what we knew needed doing. It was about not just ‘going with the flow’ or ignoring your need to be whole and uniquely productive just because someone else needed something.

North Node Aries/South Node Libra was also not about being so independent that you alienated everyone in sight. It did not say you should be so ingrained in your opinions as to set yourself up as the Prime Authority to whom all others must bow. This is a combination which at its extremes can manifest either in arrogance or capitulation – and neither extreme is good.

So ask yourself: have you spent the past nodal chapter (of approximately 19 months) living in the (Aries) North Node or the (Libra) South Node? Did you give yourself over to anyone who offered you approval, advice or a promise of salvation – or did you listen to advice or opinions and weigh what they actually mean to you? Did you act dependently…or independently?

Were you willing to be your own person when it came to tastes and likes, or did you try to please others, impress others show you were the best or just give in so you didn’t have to rock the boat? Did you try to convince anyone that they should agree with your likes and dislikes - and alienate them if they didn’t? Did you avoid responsibility – or enable someone else to avoid their responsibilities? Did you look for what would work, or for just those things which you liked, felt good about liking or were already familiar with and/or fond of?

Okay. And to paraphrase a well-known slogan, how’d each of those choices work for you?

Truthfully? Chances are we’ve all done a little of each – north and south nodal stuff. Chances also are that the North Node stuff has gone pretty well while the South Node stuff has been…well, problematic. That’s the way the nodes work. North Node stuff is hard. It requires stepping out of your comfort zone and learning how to do things you literally don’t know how to do as you begin. In doing so, the North Node constantly requires us to face and deal with fears of failure, trepidation about the new and the all-too-common issues of time and exhaustion.

And no, those last two aren’t cosmic excuses. Time and exhaustion are all too mortal manifestations. When you don’t have the time and your just plain exhausted, chances are you’ve already invested far too much energy and time in South Node doings, for in the end, the South Node doesn’t free us – the North Node does. The South Node may feel ‘comfy’ but the comfort of the South Node is a comfort of limited circumstance. Put more simply, it’s a trap. That job you don’t bother looking for today leads to tomorrow’s eviction. The discipline and effort you don’t hold yourself to today – or which you fail to teach your children today, or require of your spouse or employees today leads to tomorrow’s overwhelm, the failure of businesses, to children who either can’t survive as independent adults or who make self-destructive choices.

This goes back to the prime and primal North/South node concepts: the South Node you cling to eventually crumbles or undermines life. The South Node pleasures one automatically receives once they undertake and master their North Node tasks is positive and life-enhancing.

So with the North Node going into Pisces…and the South Node going to move through Virgo, what exactly does that tell us?

The essence of the answer to this question lies not so much in what you’re doing in your life, but why. This part of the nodal cycle is greatly about not running away. From what? From whatever is difficult. If feelings your feelings, or disciplining your feelings is hard, face that. If the idea of making something of yourself in a worldly way arouses feeling of trepidation, make the good effort. This passage asks those loners to join the world and asks people who are afraid of being alone with their thoughts to find comfort in the company of their personal psyche.

During this passage, there’s no hiding in or from anything. It’s about facing up to what needs to be done, is best done and which you’re capable of doing even though you may not be sure you know how to do it. It asks you to find a way to contribute to life – to others…your community…even the whole world.

And yes, this is where the assignment gets all sticky and nodal. Remember, when it comes to North Node things, we start out either not knowing how to do it, or pretty sure we don’t want to do it. And with the North Node now in Pisces, avoidance, giving in to misgivings, fear, insecurities – all those bugaboos…well, they’re just all too likely to be all too common on any of a number of all too discouraging levels.

But North Node in Pisces also gives us a clear message on how to get through our challenges: by having faith. By doing the responsible thing. Polarities have very clear messages. If you look at the ‘negative’ sides of any given pair of polar opposite signs, you’ll interestingly find they have more than a whole lot in common. The negative side of Pisces is about withdrawing, walling one’s self off. It’s about abandoning hope, and giving up all faith in self. The negative side of Virgo – Pisces polar opposite – is about not trying, not making the diligent, applied, determined effort. It’s about finding excuses which allow you to not move towards individual life goals – generally by dissipating your time and energy in a hundred little things which would seem to be important in the moment.

Both sets of negatives are really about fear. Fear, and ego. And this nodal passage is all about getting past such limitations. North Node in Pisces asks us to get past pre-conceived notions in order to participate in, and be rewarded by a wider world. It’s a two-and-a-half year ‘moment’ when you can work to rectify your worst mistakes, solve your most problematic problems, and escape your very worst habits and limitations. Yes, even life-long habits.

And if you don’t? Well, the bad news is that if you don’t make an honest attempt to give these ideas a try, you’re likely to find yourself in some sort of sincere pickle by the time the nodes roll on into Aquarius and Leo come late 2007.

Okay…so let’s have another ‘top side view’ of this before ending this discussion. Unlike every other astrological symbol (with the exception of the Astrological Ages) the cycle of the Lunar Nodes move ‘backwards’ – that is, they begin in Pisces and end in Aries.

This is very important, as it tells us the process of how to interact successfully with our world. Pisces is the broadest of all ‘universal’ signs – the antithesis of the ‘I/ego/self’ orientation of Aries. So if we remember that the zodiac is a process, this tells us that in order for us to succeed in the world (and for the world to succeed as a whole) understanding the needs, beliefs and emotional values of others comes first.

This idea of starting ‘universal’ and ending in the ‘individual’ is a very non-intuitive way to work. After all, aren’t we all taught to start small and work our way up to the grand and gloriously expansive? Yes, we are. So this nodal message makes little sense - until and unless you remember that nodes are societal. To succeed in society, you must first look past your own values, opinions, likes and dislikes at what society values, likes, dislikes – and what societal opinions are. Step by step, the round of the nodal cycle brings that back to the personal ‘self’ – and along the way, the lessons can be tough. In the third step – that of North Node in Capricorn, many people get so immersed in worldly doings they completely lose sight and track of the benefits of home and family. By the sixth step – North Node in Libra – people can lose themselves entirely in the process of servicing the needs, demands or desires others put, or project upon them. Or they can decide to shut other people out completely.

How this works on the intimate scale in your personal life is, again, delineated by how the placement of the lunar nodes in your natal horoscope and the timing and sequence with which they conjunct (or oppose) various planets. But the worldly cycle applies as well. No matter where the nodes lie in your personal chart, the passage of the North Node through the universal signs (Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn and Sagittarius) is a time for learning how to proper through interaction with society – which all starts with North Node in Pisces.

North Node in Pisces asks that we all let go of preconceived notions in order to learn better – in any of a number of ways. North Node in Pisces asks us not just to work on, but to share our ideas and the fruits of our labor. Without doing this, we won’t be able to get into position for North Node in Aquarius – a time when substantial rewards can be reaped.

And yes, for you who have followed my discussions of the Fixed Signs, North Node in Aquarius is the time when your spirit can enjoy a lot of personal satisfaction – but that depends on you doing your Fixed Sign stuff and dealing with North Node in Pisces first.

In short, this is the beginning of an entire half-nodal cycle (9.3 years) of worldly emphasis, attention and endeavoring. Back in 1997, the tide shifted inward. Since then, many people (and countries) have place more emphasis on ‘internal’ values than getting along with the greater world. It’s affected everything – from politics (national and international) to home building and buying to the marriage (and divorce) rate.

Does this mean that if you’re in a marriage where the partners have been more involved in their own psyche and internal needs than those of their partner and/or the health of the relationship that come June 22nd everything is going to turn into a bucket of peaches and cream? No. But it can. To get to those ‘just desserts,’ however, the first thing you’ll have to do is to get past all the hurts and resentments which have built up during the interim. You have to let go of the old, and start by looking at the values of the relationship as a whole. Not of ‘relationships’ – of your relationship…those things which drew you two together to begin with. Was it humor? Going out dancing? The idea of having a friend to grow old with?

This is a time to reset the clock. Watch carefully and you’ll see whole societies, industries and social systems trying to do just this in the months (or year) ahead.

Those which do, be they individuals, nations or corporations – those who ‘do’ their Pisces North Node work will profit from their efforts as time goes by. Those who don’t, won’t. It’s pretty much as simple as that. Without dealing with that which needs dealing with now, without doing that which needs doing now, you won’t be able to enjoy the many pleasures life can indeed hold.

And one more thing: don’t think that trial and error doesn’t involve a few errors along the way. This is not a perfect process – nor is it supposed to be. One of the things North Node in Pisces teaches us is how to weather that old maxim ‘try, try again’ – which itself suggests that the first time may not always be the charm.

The universe doesn’t require that you win every hand. The universe doesn’t even usually let anyone win every hand! What the cosmos does require however, is sincere, dedicated and responsible effort…efforts which now begin a new cycle of growth with each one of us facing our fears, our frailties, our uglies and personal ugga-boogas. By moving past them, we give ourselves permission to win.

And yes, it all starts with you.

So remember – as of June 22nd, it’s not what you do so much as why you do it.

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