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Lifecycle Forecast 2014 by Donna Iona Drozda


Emerge and See
©2014 Donna Iona Drozda

In such a period of change and growth,
emergence is often experienced by the individual
as emergency with all its attendant stress.

Rollo May
The Courage to Create

Welcome to 2014... this is a year to sink deep. Imagine approaching a kiva and making the decision to devote the 12 months ahead to taking the ladder down in. Picture yourself doing this for at least some period of time each day. Sink into the silent space in order to observe your consciousness as a bridge. The bridge this year is to the discovery of your Higher Creative Nature.

Accelerated transformation is usually experienced as an "involuntary" process resulting from a crisis in one's outer life... such as the break-up of a cherished relationship, the death of a loved one or a near-death experience. Some people, however, may actually volunteer for the roller- coaster ride to a whole new level of being by consciously choosing to hit bottom... suddenly quitting a job, attending a transformational workshop, and so forth. Whatever the case, when we undergo such an all-encompassing change, our inner seasonal birthing process becomes more accelerated. We begin to rapidly experience dramatic death/rebirth sequences.

Jacquelyn Small

Since this nine year cycle began in 2008 we've been gaining insight. This year marks a culmination of experience and brings wisdom forward to help each of us to triumph over challenge... no matter what has occurred in the past six years.

Shift happens in 2014. At this point there is wisdom in knowing how to be grounded while also reaching for the heights of possibility.

Life is moving fast and the seventh year in the cycle reminds us that there is nowhere to get to; there is simply learning in any moment, in every situation, circumstance and relationship to BE Here Now.

The primary 'tools for change' in 2014 are akin to climbing a mountain and reaching the summit. From this vantage point you get a long clear view. Your view is the result of six years of stamina, To make the most immediate connection consider the ways in which you learned to take responsibility for your relationships in 2013. Keep in mind the spiral quality of your journey and build from all the ways that you learned to 'trust and adjust' in 2013.

The journey of the Seventh Global Year brings a peak experience in our nine year pattern. This is a year for accomplishment... I think of this as the energy of 'put up or shut up.' We can't fake what this year will offer because triumph over obstacles requires both focus and preparation.

The twelve months/thirteen moons before us are going to be teaching us the next steps in having a faith that carries us forward making us successful in overcoming the problems that we meet along the path. By September 2014 we'll see where our deep determination and staying power have brought us. There's a good deal of reaching beyond our comfort zone to be found within this year so incorporate a daily practice of seeing the long view. Also be willing to practice recognizing what conviction feels like in advance of needing it. Seventh level energy aligns with our Higher Mind and our True Center. With this combination we naturally yearn to open the door and step into the Vision Quest.

Take a long look at your experiences over the past six years. This isn't about reliving them; it's about standing in front of the open door of the vision for your life now that you've lived through many challenges. You might imagine expressing a level of confidence and constancy to share with those that you come into contact with. Notice the affect that your well-practiced dedication adds to any situation.

2014 teaches through introspection. Introspection is like a hammock; up underneath and supporting you. Bypassing this support creates confusion and as the Buddhist teachings make clear... confusion is the cause of all suffering. As mentioned, I think of the seventh year in a cycle as the 'put up or shut up year'; we do well now to take ownership of the vast and creative field we've walked since 2008 began. As a vital assist the entire year will prompt you to be in sync with Being Here Now.


Being Here Now aligns us with something bigger than the self and greater than the self and that connection requires dedication. Dedication can be modeled and in that way we can be taught. This ability is enhanced by perseverance. As the connection between the mundane and the spiritual/intuitive is engaged we become like a lightning rod...a channel for what has not yet been made aware in our experience.

Higher Connection: What do you attract?

Meditate: What ideas inspire you?

In Higher Creativity we advance by seeking the high road, the longer view, the indication that there is more on the horizon. We feel enthused and inspired to take it all in and revel in the expansive vista.

Conversely: What thoughts are unsettling? What can't you stand to think about? How and when do you deny your experience? What sort of delusions do you create?

To contemplate the view from the summit of Being Here Now start with the way that you think about your current life circumstances. What possibility do best thoughts show you? In contrast: note what muddles and depresses your thinking.

This point in the nine year pattern teaches us about Presence. It helps to repeat: Presence is Being Here Now. Presence has dignity, poise, a bearing and a radiant quality. Presence speaks of an aura of attractiveness and a charm that can captivate. These are real gifts to cultivate and share... ask yourself... Do those I love trust me to be consistent? Do I make myself visible to others.

Think... 2013 was the Year of High Heart and it certainly held opportunity to trust and adjust within the context of relationships. Many of us were offered the chance to move on and find where we truly belong.

Consider... review the past year in meditation. Trust what is shown and turn to face the coming 13 moons.

Recognize... the relational shifts that took place in 2013 allowing for a broader outlook and awareness of a greater Presence.

Relax. Encourage your well-being. Support your mind.

By the seventh year we are well prepared to BE okay with who we are now, in this moment. There is a doorway before us, a bridge to cross and a vista to gaze out upon. This is a potent 'thinking year' and a time to consider how the mental state can be clear or muddy; changing and morphing under different circumstances. Make connections... rise above fog and see a long view. Clear thinking is expansive. Create a fresh vision as though standing on a high point and taking in the scenic overview.

The energy is set, on the global stage, to assist each of us to take personal vision simultaneously higher and deeper... with clear thinking we are free to consider another way.

Stay on course with what you have invested in over the last six years (2008 - 2013). It's time to value your vision. Own your worth. Meditate on all that the seventh year offers: hone in on your talents resulting from your study and your interests.

The Tarot offers a rich and creative way to view life's journey. The Chariot: Key #7 is the primary archetypal guide this year.


The 7th archetype is referred to as Warrior in Carol Bridges' Medicine Woman Tarot.

She states...

your vehicle for movement is symbolic of your mental discipline. It is the personality through which you carry out the Great Plan of Creator Within. Having experienced the energies of (levels) one through six, you now hold the reins of your life in your own hands. You will have the feeling of "being in the driver's seat" or "at the wheel".


The challenge is to appreciate how far you've come. The tendency can be to continually fall back on past patterns of obsessive distraction. This keeps you from actualizing your vision. Last year the lesson was to trust and adjust relationships. The physical spotlight this year is on the crown chakra, the seventh of the seven major power centers in the body. In the chakra system this seventh level can be viewed as a bridge into true relationship with Higher Creativity.


Sometimes I think we're alone in the universe,
and sometimes I think we're not.
In either case the idea is quite staggering.

Arthur C. Clarke



This actually happened some months ago however I'll keep it in present tense to suit the opportunity:

Late last night I was opening the door to step into my cabin. I quickly realize that I am held back by a stream of individuals who, out of nowhere, appear and enter before me. Each person is an apparition dressed in a style reminiscent of the time in which they would have lived. They are some young, some old, many in the prime of life. They fill the space and begin to mingle, clearly enjoying one another's company.

I realize, AH, I am inside of a lucid dream. I become very happy witnessing all of the many forms that 'I Am able to take throughout time. Jung refers to this multidimensional construct as 'Old Friend'. He counsels an elderly gentleman (who is gripped by problems); 'Before you go to sleep tonight, lie very quietly in your bed. Place your head upon your pillow and say these words;

"Old Friend, Old Friend, what would you do?"

Jung explains that 'Old Friend' is all the yous that you have ever been throughout time and that 'Old Friend' is waiting to be asked so that support and assistance can be provided.

Back to my dream... I am surprised to see my mother in the group of visitors. She approaches me and begins to play a childhood game.

When young I would sometimes moan or groan that "I can't!"... this declaration could apply to any topic at any time. If I would attempt to get out of doing something with this tactic my mother would suggest that I:

'Cut the T off.'

The first few times she presented this lesson it was made visual and dramatic. She would turn to the kitchen drawer and take out a pair of scissors. I would be sent off to find a sheet of paper. She would ask me to print large the letters:

C A N ' T

I would then bring the paper to her. She would hold the word in front of me (just high enough that my head had to tilt upward to see what would happen next) her scissor would find the lesson and with slow and deliberate movement she would:

'Cut the T off C A N ' T

The offending letter would float effortlessly to rest on the linoleum square at my feet and she would smile and gently demand; "Now what's left!?" Ever the dutiful student I would hunch my shoulders up to my ears and reply:

"C A N"

Last night in the lucid dream mother plays a similar game. She walks up to me in the cabin crowded with all of the incarnations I have ever lived and gently she whispers:

"Cut the T off T H E R E."

What's left?

We smile and embrace.

I wake up.

It feels good to Wake Up...


Let's be present and imagine that we're setting forth on a pilgrimage to meet our deepest vision. What an honor to travel together. We turn inward, and like well-trained archeologists we'll respectfully dig with our delicate pick and brush in hand, excavating gifts and talents in a most natural manner all through the year. We would expect to remain here for as long as it takes to uncover the treasure. In this case we will unearth the gold within.

We'll do this with great focus. Being here together will make this a journey of magnitude and beauty.

Open the Door



The last Level Seven year was in 2005. Take a look back.

2005: How did you view the world?

Looking back to 2005 can give you a clear view of what to let go of now. What were your thoughts focused on? In 2005 we witnessed the politics/terror of that time along with the desire to create depth and make big changes. What do you stand for? How has your vista expanded? What do you think is possible? This is a good time to quietly review your own journal and then reflect upon 2005; here in a 15-minute video.

Who inspired you then? Who inspires you now? Contemplating the gifts received from these role models can expand your world view.

The wisdom of the Tao Te Ching has been a touchstone of stability in my life for many decades. Here is William Martin's poetic contemporary translation of the seventh verse of the Tao Te Ching from The Sage's Tao Te Ching:


Growing older brings detachment
from temporary things.
But the more detached we become,
the more passionately we live.
We even become detached from ourselves,
and enjoy ourselves more than ever.

Like the Tao we have no desires for ourselves,
yet all our desires are fulfilled.
We have no more need of accomplishment
yet we accomplish everything.
We accept the fact of death yet find we are always alive.

The detachment of the sage
is not a stoic withdrawal from life.
It is a delightful immersion
in every aspect of living.
But we no longer need to take ourselves
so terribly seriously.
We are free at last
to live with joy and love,
instead of fear and distrust.

Close your eyes. Visualize the past six years trials and challenges. See through the Soul's eye how enduring these challenges has helped you grow into your present Presence.

During 2014 expand and deepen your thinking so that you can imagine life as connected to something Bigger and Greater than the often distracting and small concerns of the day.



The work this year is expansive. Look at the past six years and make a commitment to trust that you are spiraling upward in a direction that serves you, others and all of life. You can recognize when your own thinking process is off kilter. Take the long view. Consider the vista. Through meditation and relaxation consciously connect to your Crown Chakra the bridge to Higher Mind.

Think: You are able to connect yourself to "the Field beyond right doing and wrong doing". You can consider the bridge that takes your Art/Life to a greater purpose. You can triumph over the obstacles that have jumped out of the bushes onto your path.

This is a year of great importance. Apply the following keywords to each ninety day quadrant:

The 3 Northern/Winter 'MYSTERY' moons:

January quest: for purification through cleansing physically, emotionally and spiritually distracting patterns

February quest: for renewal of your greatest sense of identity by naming the patterns that support your deepest thriving

March quest: for integrity through purity of purpose finding your way to be the Heartist that you came into this world to be

The 3 Eastern/Spring 'ME' moons:

April practice: clarity

May practice: wisdom

June practice: being light

For the 3 Southern/Summer 'OTHERS' moons:

July practice: growth

August practice: trust

September practice: love

The 3 Western/Autumn 'LIFE' moons:

October practice: experience

November practice: introspection

December practice: strength


The Universal Year (UY) for the previous twelve months (2013) brought the energy of Level Six placing a spotlight onto balanced relationship within and around us. If you gained an ability to trust and adjust as you opened to a higher connection with your heart... then welcome in 2014! It's a vision quest year ... and your inner self... those around you... and the world need the height and the depth of your expansive view!

In addition to spiritualizing the past six years this 2014/7 level of energy also provides the opportunity to think different about your life...the word think is of utmost importance since your thoughts will determine the part that you play in the Bigger Picture that we are collectively creating.

In 2014 the collective energy provides a bridge to that Bigger Picture of possibility. This past year most certainly helped you to endure challenges regarding your ability to balance your own dark and light aspects. Challenges endured bring you to this year's energy bridge. Will you place your foot on this crossing?

Contemplate the 12 months/13 moons before you. Ask,

  • 'Am I ready to think different?'

  • 'Do I acknowledge my relationship with my Higher Self?'

  • Am I willing to bridge the distance between my human personality and my Higher Creative Guidance?'

  • 'Am I able to bridge the gap?'

  • 'Do I meditate?'

    Most importantly this year:
  • 'Do I trust what I hear resonating from Inner Presence?'

Maybe yes... perhaps no. Making inquiries can bring a bit of uplift helping us to unwind. You can cross the bridge and model the way that 'we're all in this together'. You can BE the present moment.

This practice of bridging the gap and Being Present is admirable provided that while on this adventure there isn't any ignorance or denial regarding the shadowy parts of the self ever calling to be illuminated. Did you, over the past year, discover or uncover relationships with the self, others or life that had aspects of the fear-filled dark-side? Good for you. All people have monsters, dragons and strange beliefs that are found lurking and hidden in the physical/mental, emotional or spiritual zones. We need to be brave and look these aspects in the eye. These collective shadows are dancing wildly about on the world stage but we don't have to be distracted. The seventh year in the cycle is the time to bridge the gap becoming connected to the Higher Presence or Potential or Possibility of our Creative Intelligence. Many will continue to hallucinate and project their demons outward. Look the other way. Continue to move deeper into the new millennium noticing and focusing on the unspeakable beauty. Work to repair what you stand for rather than reeling after what you can't stand.

These twelve months will offer people globally the inevitable potential of a peaceful world view. In fact, this is a perfect year to be the peace that you wish to see around you. Last year the opportunity to trust your deepest in-sight was manifest through your ability to make adjustments in the relationships that hold the most meaning for you. Now you might consider inviting those relationships to cross the bridge so as to connect with the Highest Creative Presence and notice how brilliantly alive will be your shared world view.


The 2014 Lifecycle Forecast describes the Universal Energy that acts as a support force, again think bridge, spanning the globe. The energy suggests that it's time to bridge the gap. Hold a vision of what that connection looks like for you. You could consider this the year of Fly High.

2013 was the year to practice balancing relationships, to trust and adjust and to have clarity of vision by intuitively aligning with Inner Guidance. From here we can hold a long view of what's possible as we fly across the bridge into conscious connection with the Field of Greater Possibility.


By reading the vibration of energy fields, for the year ahead we find 2014 to be a Universal Year # 7. The universal quality of any given year points in the direction of how best to align with the role of being a conscious Planetary Citizen. The UY also lets us see, sense and feel when we miss that mark. No shame there... we fall and we get back up.

In the Seventh year of a cycle you are asked to feel the security that can only be created from Within.

Here we go:


2014 is a year to practice seeing yourself as a point of poise and peace... standing in your power.

Make daily connection with the Higher Creative Presence 'across the bridge'.

Keywords/phrases that will assist in bridging the gap throughout 2014: analyze, bold, clear away the cobwebs, consciousness, Creative Intelligence, depth of thought, dignified, Divine Mind, functional, independent action, intuitive, initiative, logic, meditation, mind power, plenty, quest, quiet mind, regroup, rest, self-examination, silence, steadfast, studious, success, THINK, triumph, victorious, vision quest.

Keywords/phrase that will discourage crossing the bridge throughout 2014: aloof, anger, anxiety, denial, depression, deprivation, dread, fearful, guilt, lack, phobic, poverty, sad, scarcity, scared, secretive, struggle, temptation, terror, trepidation, unapproachable, worry.

Take any of these words or phrases and look them up in the dictionary or thesaurus. Don't judge the words rather experience each one in its ability to help you to bridge the gap between your 'small self'/personality and your relationship with Higher Creative Presence. Ask for insight and guidance to tell you about the way in which each quality lives through you. Journal, draw, paint, dance, sculpt or craft your responses. Gain awareness as to how to move forward being a model for what you stand for as peaceful, balanced and stable. Listen for clear guidance in relation to your personal year goal. ... a gift to you... simply send me your birth month and day.


Homework for the year ahead:

  •  Clear the debris of the last six years (2007-2013)
  •  Be victorious
  •  Enjoy the moment
  •  Stay positive
  •  'Shamanize': breathe in the healing spirits that surround
  •  Climb to the summit and take in the long view


NOTE: This is the space where I would normally post the month by month Luna See unfolding through the coming year. However, like all of us, I've been experiencing the uplifting lunar energies in very imaginative and inspired ways that are leading me forward. As a result I will no longer be posting the monthly Luna See newsletter in the format that you have found here moon by moon...

I am turning my attention to the wonderful creative ideas that have come to meet me as I deepen my commitment to living in harmony with natural time.

As I put aside my monthly Luna See entries here at ZodiacArts, I lovingly bow in the direction of Sandra's voice as she speaks and shares the clarity and beauty of her lunar view. You most likely love what she brings here at ZodiacArts and if you follow her on Face Book you know that she posts the moon phase indicators every three days. Also remember to purchase a download or hard copy of the beautifully designed Zodiac Arts Moon Phase Calendar and you'll have 'natural time' at your fingertips each step of the way round the Wheel.

If you've read this far... thank you! I send you all best wishes for a grand quest as you are crossing the bridge in 2014. My gift to you at any time this year is your 2014 Personal Year Energy descriptor.

I wish you a year of flying across the bridge and sealing the gap... tending to your conscious connection to your Higher Creative Presence!!

Much love and Metta to us all


© Donna Iona Drozda, all rights reserved.
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"Wherever you go,
no matter what the weather,
always bring your own sunshine."

Anthony J. D'Angelo


Metta to Your Beautiful Art/Life

May you be at peace. May your heart remain open.

May you awaken to the light of your own true nature.

May you be healed. May you be a source of healing for all beings.



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