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Venus Retrograde
December 21, 2013 - January 31
, 2014

The Astronomy, or what it is...

The phenomenon known as Venus Retrograde occurs approximately every 20 months when, for about forty days, Venus travels in reverse motion against the backdrop of stars. Of course, it doesn't really move backwards, but only appears to do so from our point of view here on Earth.

As Earth's closest planetary neighbor, Venus is the brightest planet in the sky. Visible in the western evening sky since late summer, it reaches greatest illuminationt in the evening sky on December 6, 2013. It'll remain in the evening sky throughout December, but become harder to see until it dissappears completely the end of the first week of January. It reappears in the eastern sky as a morning star on January 17, where it will continue to be seen until September 17, 2014. The next Venus retrograde period begins July 25, 2015.

The Astrology, or what it means...

Mythical and astrological conjecture about the nature of the planet Venus has been prominent and consistent since ancient times. Her high visibility and her morning and evening phases have made her one of the most closely observed planets. Babylonian and Mesoamerican astrologers paid close attention to her cycles, particularly to her first appearance as a morning star, which was considered a dangerous time.

The Babylonians called Venus the double-phased Ishtar -- the morning star of war and the evening star of love. Greek astrologers called the morning phase of Venus Lucifer ("the light bearer") and the evening phase Hesperus ("setting in the West"). The Mesoamericans linked the morning phase of Venus with Quetzalcoatl, one of their major gods, believing that this was a time when leaders are struck down and natural disasters occur.

While Venus is retrograde, old friends and/or lovers may reenter one's life. During this period, financial returns are apt to be delayed and affection is more difficult to receive and express. Beginning a new relationship, buying luxury items and investing in objects of art or items of beauty is generally discouraged during the retrograde period.

Venus retrograde is a good time to reflect on your values, to review your relationships and to donate your energy to a charitable cause.

This Venus retrograde takes place in the sign of Capricorn, promoting serious relationships and practical values. There is a yearning for stability that can leave you feeling alone even among friends. The need for responsibility is highlighted, which often leads to long term committments. This is an excellent time to review the quality of love in your professional life, value the beauty of simplicity, and to demonstrate your respect for your loved ones.

It might be helpful to look back to January 10 - February 5, 1998 and January 2 - February 8, 2006 - the last times Venus was retrograde in Capricorn, for clues to how events may manifest.

Important Dates:
December 21 - January 31 = Reevaluate your feelings.

January 11 = Best day during this period for matters concerning love and money. Be attentive and receptive.

January 13 through 18 = Watch for impulsive activity that can cause upsets of an emotional or biological nature.


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